20 Fun Date Ideas In Denver

Human beings are created as social beings; therefore, spending time with others, especially those we treasure, is crucial.

Whether with a friend, family member, or a lover, we aspire for the time we spend with them to be in the best of places. With the season of love edging closer, it becomes harder to nail down them for quality time.

However, this article intends to help you navigate this problem. Whether you are visiting or a local, there are endless places in Denver to go for dates.

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How to find a date in Denver

There are endless possibilities for dating in Denver. Whether that be finding the love of your life at an event at Red Rocks Amphitheater, hiking the many trails Denver offers, or even visiting the nightlife.

If you are having a hard time meeting someone on your own, don’t hesitate to try out a dating app! There are hundreds, if not thousands of people searching for love in Denver, Colorado.

Check out this article on the top dating apps for meeting the love of your life!

What is There to Do on A Date in Denver?

What is There to Do on A Date in Denver

Denver is a hub of activity; it does not matter what you are into. You can always find a spot to enjoy it. From fun dates, adventurous dates to arts and crafts, the city is an all-around experience-giving gem.

What Can Couples Do in Denver?

What Can Couples Do in Denver

Did you just meet the love of your life, or have you been together for a while now? Denver has places suited for every type of setting you two would want. Be it a romantic dinner for two, site seeing, or a romantic getaway, you will get several options to pick from.

Outlined in this article is the ultimate list of date ideas for couples or friends to do in Denver.

Romantic Date Ideas in Denver

Romantic Date Ideas in Denver

Is your main worry? Where do I take my girlfriend? Or where should we go for our first date? Apart from the traditional flower-giving, Denver offers romantic places for you to enjoy each other’s company.

1. Enjoy a Drive-in Movie

Most of the romantic setting from the past still works wonders today. A drive-in movie under the stars offers an ambiance like no other. It gives you the chance to enjoy the movie plus the company you are in and inject small talk without being silenced. You can enjoy this from 88 Drive-in Theater on 8780 Rosemary St Henderson.

2. Check Out the Van Gogh Exhibit

Denver’s Lighthouse Immersive gives an experience like no other with their immersive Van Gogh exhibit. With displays of famous artists, it will take your breath away, creating an exhilarating feeling. It also gives you the ability to walk around and enjoy the different settings which transport you to a different world.

3. Enjoy a Romantic Getaway

Denver has the best romantic spots to enjoy dinner or a getaway. This will help you spend time with each other away from the city’s noise and pollution. Some of the locations to check out include The Source Hotel, The Maven Hotel, and The Four Seasons.

Fun Date Ideas in Denver

Fun Date Ideas in Denver

Apart from enjoying romantic dinners and movies, Denver has fun places to visit that will have you and your partner giggling all the way. Some of these activities include:

4. Go Karting

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Go-karting will leave your heart racing at the end of the track. A typical race being 5 minutes will bring out your competitive and fun side as you compete for the first position. Depending on how you feel, you can pick between the indoor or outdoor tracks.

5. Try Bowling

Bowling is always an all-time fun activity with different levels. Not only is it a classic dating idea, but it also allows you to see your partner loosen up and show their skills. There are a lot of bowling avenues in Denver, such as Lucky Strike downtown. Additionally, bowling spaces offer a combination of activities such as pool tables and arcade games which you can also try.

6. Do Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is thrilling and fun. It tests your limits and abilities through every meter that you climb. Additionally, it allows you to joke around while you tear a sweat together. Locations such as Ubergrippen offers a 90 minutes reservation of fun and intense workout.

7. Attend a Marijuana Tour

Learning a new skill and adding knowledge is always fun. Being the capital of weed in the United States, Denver has tours on the grow houses and dispensaries of marijuana. They also give classes on rolling and give you more information on the subject.

Cheap Date Ideas in Denver

Cheap Date Ideas in Denver

Are you trying to impress a date, but your pocket is a limit? This should not worry since there are many activities you can enjoy with little money, yet they will still impact your date. Some of them include:

8. Go for A Picnic

The city parks like Washington Park have a view that you and your partner enjoy. When the weather is warm, take out a blanket and enjoy the greenery and each other’s company. You also take a walk in the Capitol Hill neighborhood after the picnic as you enjoy the sunset.

9. Take a Hike

Several hiking trails just outside the city compliments Denver’s outstanding scenery. With the option of doing it alone or with a guide, you will enjoy the environment and get the opportunity to learn the geology of the area.

10. Enjoy an Evening Bike Ride

Denver has been safe and easy to pedal around through its bike lanes. It has plenty of parks you can explore, such as Confluence Park. Additionally, it gives you an option of renting a bike from Denver’s B-cycle with its bike stations all over the city.

Adventurous Date Ideas in Denver

Adventurous Date Ideas in Denver

Adventure helps keep things interesting on dates. From outdoorsy and sporty adventures, Denver offers an array of things to do, such as:

11. Test Your Teamwork at an Escape Room

Can you two team up and figure a way to save yourselves? With themes and role-playing, you will have to figure out ways to solve sticky situations to earn your freedom. This is a great activity to participate in with your particular person at Solutions Lounge.

12. Attend a Speakeasy

Surprise your date by enjoying a night at one of Denver’s hidden speakeasies. It is one of the must-do things in Denver, from finding the hidden location to enjoying a cocktail and lively atmosphere.

13. Ride Colorado’s Fastest Zipline

Are you an adventure junkie? Then this should be a must-do in your itinerary. Denver Zipline Tours has 6 different lines of 1.5 miles that can top 60 mph flying above 250 feet. Located 30 minutes outside Denver, this will be a thrill that you will not easily forget.

14. Test Your Axe-throwing Skills

Do you want to explore the dangerous side of life? Bad Axe Throwing offers the opportunity to know just how accurate you can be. You get to throw sharp objects at a target while bonding with your date.

Day Date Ideas in Denver

Day-Date Ideas in Denver

15. Enjoy A Self-Guided Ice Cream Tour

You can make your date sweet with Denver’s ice cream scene. Since there are a couple of ice creams around the city, such as Smith+Canon Ice Cream and Milk Box, planning a self-guided ice cream tour is a fun activity as you discover other hidden spots in the city.

16. Tour A Candy Factory

Hammond Candies is an iconic brand with its headquarters in Denver. They offer tours where you will learn how your sweets are made. Additionally, you will get samples, and the tour is free.

17. Visit Denver Botanic Garden

The Denver Botanic Garden offers 24 acres of serene beauty. Located on York street, the flowers and greenery are an ideal romantic date spot, especially for flowers and plant lovers. The garden connects people to botanic beauty with a range of collections from all around the world. Additionally, you could add a picnic setting and a photoshoot to take things a notch higher.

Arts and Culture Date Ideas in Denver

Arts and Culture Date Ideas in Denver

There are endless possibilities of enjoying your time in Denver for those interested in culture, history, and art. Some of them include;

18. Visit an Art Museum

There is a romantic aspect to museums and art. The hand-holding as you walk from one piece to the next leaves a long-lasting memory. Denver has plenty of art to show, from the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver to the Denver Art Museum for your consideration.

19. Listen to Live Music

There are many places to enjoy a concert and live music performances in Denver. Whether you attend an underground venue or the Red Rock Amphitheatre, you will enjoy your time out with your date.

20. Paint Puff Pass and Paint

Have you ever tried weed and painting classes? Puff Pass and Paint offers the experience of a lifetime inclusive of poetry, crafts, and cooking

Do You Have A Date Idea?

Do You Have A Date Idea

No matter what your ideal date looks like, Denver is a city with endless possibilities of date ideas. I hope the above list helps you decide on the next place to try.

Comment below if you’ve tried any of these date ideas Denver and if you have some not on the list, kindly suggest them in the comments.

Safe Travels!

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