18 Date Ideas In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dates are very important in maintaining relationships, either romantic, between couples, or platonic, between family, friends, or colleagues.

In case you live in Tulsa or planning a quick getaway, there are different affordable, adventurous, and romantic ideas worthy of a date you should experience with your loved ones. Way to go for your date planning!

What is there to do in Tulsa for adults?

What is there to do in Tulsa for adults_

The question should be, “what isn’t there to do in Tulsa?” Tulsa is known for being an art, cultural, entertainment, and dining center, so if you have a special liking for any of these, Tulsa is definitely the place for you.

It doesn’t end there, you also get to enjoy not only the city life, but nature itself, with the numerous parks, and aquatic recreation like fishing on the Arkansas River.

How do you date in Tulsa?

How do you date in Tulsa_

Tulsa might not be Paris, but it sure is a city of love nonetheless, with its endless list of romantic and recreational options.

Dating can be affected by season, weather, or mood, good thing Tulsa has everything for everyone all the time.

For outdoor, relaxing activities you have the Arkansas River and its numerous parks, and if you prefer indoor romantic activities, there are different restaurants lined up in the city.

What is there to do on a date in Tulsa?

What is there to do on a date in Tulsa_

Are you on a vacation with babe or a staycation hoping to meet new friends? Either way, there is always something to do in Tulsa.

You can also take a walk along the magnificent Arkansas River or any of the parks. You can end the day by enjoying the nightlife of Tulsa by visiting one of the numerous food trucks or staying in with a movie and popcorn!

What can couples do in Tulsa?

What can couples do in Tulsa_

Tulsa has something for every couple, be it new couples, or couples celebrating milestones in their relationship.

Couples interested in art can visit the Philbrook Museum of Art or Gilcrease Museum, or participate in the Art Crawl and relish in the local artistry and music.

Dates are easier when you know what interests you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, which is why we will be providing you with a guide to having a memorable date.

Here is the ultimate list of date ideas for couples or friends to do in Tulsa:

  1. Romantic Date Ideas in Tulsa
  2. Fun Date Ideas in Tulsa
  3. Cheap Date Ideas in Tulsa
  4. Adventurous and Outdoor Date Ideas in Tulsa
  5. Day Date Ideas in Tulsa
  6. Arts and Culture Date Ideas in Tulsa

Romantic Date Ideas in Tulsa

Romantic Date Ideas in Tulsa (2)

Romance can be expressed in different ways and forms, which is why some romantic date ideas with your sweetheart will be highlighted here.

And do not forget, these are just some ideas for romantic dates, as there are numerous places to make your partner feel loved in Tulsa.

Roller Skate At Wheels and Thrills

Holding hands while slowly skating around the skating rink could easily be agreed to be one of the highest romantic moments.

The quick glances you steal and share, the smile, and the laughter, all can be had while enjoying a skating moment.

You can start this moment by visiting the Wheels and Thrills official page.

It will also be one to be remembered, as it is activity and romance wrapped into one.

Take A Romantic Walk Along The Arkansas River

Few things beat a romantic walk along the Arkansas River between couples in love. You get to relish the scenery and beauty of the great Arkansas River in the company of your partner.

With your partner’s beauty and the rivers, it is bound to be a romantic walk.

Watch A Movie Together at Circle Cinema

What tickles you and your partner’s fantasy?

A touching, romantic movie that brings tears to eyes, an action-packed movie that keeps one at an edge, or a scary movie that keeps you clinging to one another? Go here to find a list of different movie.

Whichever it is, you can be assured that is bound to be a romantic evening.

Fun Date Ideas in Tulsa

Fun Date Ideas in Tulsa (2)

What are ways to describe fun dates other than participating in any of these activities? The below list could be for first time dates or even could be third date ideas:

Attend A Music Concert

Couples interested in music and concerts will have a great time at the Chapman Music Hall. Following this link takes you to book a ticket.

You can sing along to songs and tunes you know, or learn some new ones that make up part of your memories.

Play Mini Golf At All Star Sports Complex

Nothing like a little golfing challenge for a fun date idea. Joke, laugh, and have fun as you enjoy a game of golf with your loved one at All Star Sports Complex.

Play Arcade Games At Andy B’s Tulsa

Another fun date idea to have with your partner is going to Andy B’s, which is an indoor arcade and bowling!

Doing fun activities makes partners comfortable with one another, and with arcade games, couples can have one of the best times of their lives playing together.

Cheap Date Ideas in Tulsa

Cheap Date Ideas in Tulsa (2)

On a tight budget but want a lovely date nonetheless? Here are some ideas:

Take Pictures at Beautiful Sceneries and Places

You can enjoy the beauty of Tulsa by visiting beautiful places and taking pictures with your partner or of your partner.

You get to enjoy the moment, and the sights and have pictures for memories. Beautiful pictures of sunrise tulsa and the tulsa sunset can also be taken.

Picnic in Gathering Place Park or Gardens

A great company, food of your choice, and being surrounded by flowers and nature, will make for a date to be remembered.

You won’t break the bank over these, and you still get to enjoy great company and a good time at Gathering Place Park.

Coffee at Chimera Cafe

You can enjoy a cup of coffee, latte, or hot chocolate while enjoying the company of your partner at Chimera Cafe. This cafe features a refreshing and relaxing vibe and it’s best for setting the mood for a good conversation.

Adventurous and Outdoor Date Ideas in Tulsa

Adventurous and Outdoor Date Ideas in Tulsa

If you and your partner are into escapades, below are some ideal date ideas for you!

Participate in an Escape Room Tulsa at ELEVENth HOUR ENIGMA

Partnering with loved ones to escape from a room improves teamwork and bonding among couples in a fun way.

If none of you are afraid of being trapped in a room and enjoying being with one another, then you should give this escape room a try!

Indoor Rock Climbing at Climb Tulsa

Rock climbing is a fun and adventurous dating idea you should have with your partner.

You can assist each other along the way, and try as many times after falling. It is a very exciting and enjoyable experience that you can participate in by following this link.

Take A Hike at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

If you and your partner are comfortable hiking in natural places surrounded by hills and bush, then this activity might be for you.

There are paths and trails to follow on this adventurous journey, and couples can also camp. To experience this thrill, here is the link.

Day Date Ideas in Tulsa

Day Date Ideas in Tulsa

Day dating gives couples ample time to enjoy their evening in each other’s company. Here are some ideas:

Visit The Tulsa Zoo

Visiting the Tulsa Zoo is a fun experience for both people who enjoy seeing wildlife and being outdoors!

It is a refreshing and exciting activity that you can enjoy with your partner!

Attend An FC Tulsa Game of Soccer

This is for those, who alongside their partners, enjoy a game of soccer. Couples could attend and watch other professional soccer teams and FC Tulsa.

You can check their game schedule by visiting the FC Tulsa homepage.

Eat Breakfast at Tally’s Cafe

Breakfast dates are always a fun start to your day! Different breakfast varieties could be had at Tally’s Cafe.

Arts and Culture Date Ideas in Tulsa


Tulsa has a lot of cultures and festivals you could experience. This also includes world-class art centers! Check out some art and culture dates below:

Attend The Tulsa Performing Arts Center

This is a Tulsa local performance center comprised of a studio and art gallery display. It’s the perfect idea for an art and culture date! You can get tickets and bookings by going to the Tulsa Performing Artics Center’s official page.

Visit The Philbrook Museum of Art

For art lovers, the Philbrook Museum of Art is the perfect date idea. This world-class museum features all forms of art.

Attend The Tulsa International Mayfest

The Tulsa International Mayfest holds annually in May and is a great idea for a date! If you love to experience different cultures and arts, then this is the place to be.

For cheap, adventurous, and romantic dates, it doesn’t get any better than Tulsa, where you can create sweet memories with loved ones.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for date ideas in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can share your date ideas in the comment sections for others to read too.

Have a date idea that you don’t see mentioned here? Drop me a comment below. I love to hear from my readers!

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