Date Ideas In Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina

If you are living or visiting in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and looking for great date ideas, then you have come to the right place. There are a number of romantic, fun, cheap, and adventurous date ideas for your significant other and you to try.

Use these ideas below as something to place on your short list.

How Do You Date In Charlotte, North Carolina?

There are so many opportunities to find love in Charlotte. Whether that be at an event, a bar, or online! Charlotte is a great city with a diverse group of people that I am sure you will find the one.

Check out how to snag a date or find love in Charlotte using these top dating apps.

What is there to do on a date in Charlotte?

What is there to do on a date in Charlotte_

Charlotte, North Carolina is a hot spot for NASCAR lovers since its home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But Charlotte is more than just race cars. There are lots of exciting events to plan in and around this busy city.

What can couples do in Charlotte?

What can couples do on a date in Charlotte

Because of its rich history and modern city center (Uptown), Charlotte, North Carolina has endless date ideas. Whether you are interested in amusement parks, discovering museums, or sporting events, there is always something for everyone in this city.

Romantic Date Ideas in Charlotte

Romantic Date Ideas in Charlotte

You can never go wrong with finding a romantic date idea in Charlotte. Check out these romantic and lovely date ideas that’ll be sure to swoon your partner!

Chef Alyssa’s Cooking Class

Take a romantic couple’s only cooking class with Charlotte’s most famous Chef Alyssa. Learning how to cook delicious dishes together is a unique way to bond with your date. Explore everything there is to know about cooking from a professional chef’s point of view.

When a couple can cook together in the kitchen, they are off to a great start in their relationship. The price is $65 per person and well worth the price when it gives you intimate time with your date.

Luxury Spa Date at the Ritz Carlton

Relax at a luxury spa on the rooftop of Uptown Charlotte’s Ritz Carlton to begin a great weekend with your date. There is nothing more romantic than a spa date and massage.

You can book a couple’s massage and luxury spa date for as little as $85 per person. Think how special she will feel when you take her to the Ritz Carlton luxury spa. Every date loves a great message, especially after a hard week at work. This will be the special romantic gift your date will love.

Private Picnic at HollyDay Farms

Private Picnic on a Farm is one of the most romantic couples retreats in the city. Getting out of the hustle and bustle of Uptown Charlotte is a great date idea for the couple who wants to get away from it all.

The picnic is provided for the two of you in a nice quiet romantic spot where you can become more intimate and get to know each other better. HollyDay Farms will take care of everything for your private picnic on a farm. We provide the flowers, decorations, music, food, and anything else needed to make your picnic special. email inquiries to the email on this link.

Fun Dating Ideas in Charlotte

Fun Date Ideas in Charlotte

Looking for a memorable yet exhilarating date idea? Check out these ones below for some inspiration on your next fun date idea in Charlotte!

Carowinds Anyone?

There is nothing more fun than going to an amusement park with your date. Ride the rides at Carowinds and spend the day getting to know the fun side of your date.

Tickets at Carowinds are $40 which is a small price to pay for an entire day of fun. Walk around the amusement park and find the most popular rides and best foods to eat. A day at Carowinds is just what the two of you need on the weekend.

Fun at Top Golf Range

Spend a fun day with your date at the Top Golf range. If you have never been golfing before, then the two of you are in for a treat. Practice skills and improve your golf game. Top Golf is $25 to $47 per hour.,

Science on the Rocks at the Discovery Museum

This is the best time for the two of you to bring out the scientist inside. Visit the Discovery Museum and take in the Science on the Rocks exhibit.

The Science on the Rocks exhibit is $35 per person and is a unique way for the two of you to get educated and have fun at the same time.

Cheap Dating Ideas in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cheap Date Ideas in Charlotte

Wanting to have a good time with your partner but not break the bank? Look no further. I’ve got a list of cheap date ideas that’ll have your partner falling in love with you all over again – without burning a hole in your wallet!

Hike at Crowder’s Mountain

What a great cheap date idea that will allow you to explore nature. Crowder’s Mountain is a 4 mile hike that is great for beginning hikers to maneuver. Explore the summit of the mountain that is only 30 minutes away from Uptown Charlotte.

Picnic in the Park

Pack a lunch and head off with your date to one of the many great parks in Uptown Charlotte. Recommended parks include Freedom Park, Romare Bearden, and First Ward Park. A picnic in the park is great to show a first date or any date the organizational side of you.

Bring music flowers, special foods that can be centered around a theme. Let your date dress up around the theme to bring more character to your date.

Volunteer Together

There is nothing that brings out the softer side of you than volunteering and helping others. Your date will think that you are special because you are thinking of someone other than yourself.

Find a list of recommended places for the two of you to volunteer. Put a smile on the people you are helping faces and your date’s face as well.

Adventurous Dating Ideas in Charlotte, North Carolina

Adventurous Date Ideas in Charlotte

These thrilling date ideas in Charlotte should be on the top of your list. Whether you are living in Charlotte or visiting, you will want to be sure to try these out with your loved one or even a best friend!

U.S. White Water Center

This is one of the most adventurous dates you will ever spend with your significant other. U.S. White Water Center offers rock climbing, ziplining, hiking, biking and so much more.

Spend the day at the center learning new skills and perfecting the old. U.S. White Water Center charges $5 for parking and pricing that ranges for activities from $20 to $219.

Attend a Charlotte Sporting Event

Attend a Charlotte sporting event to get your juices flowing on a great adventurous date. Charlotte offers baseball, basketball, football, and hockey for your pleasure.

Grab two tickets and have a good time at the games of your choice. The Hornets, Panthers, Knights, and Checkers are waiting on you to get involved. Ticket prices vary per sporting event.

Watch Airplanes Take Off

Spend a few hours watching planes take off at the Airport Overlook located at 6499 Old Dowd Road. Imagine the adventure of wondering where the planes are traveling and about the adventure that awaits the passengers during and after their trip.

These are some of the best tips about the most romantic, fun, cheap, and adventurous dates in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you are living or visiting the area, make sure and put these activities on your shortlist of things to try with your date.

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